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DJ Skratch Bastid remixes James Brown

My company shot Skratch Bastids live showin Halifax Nova Scotia. We used a combinationof HVX w Prime Lenses, static stage cams andwandering MiniDV 24p. Then cut it togetherinto this promo. Great performance… Read more

Nullsleep - Dirty ROM Dance Mix / Music Video

This looks and sounds like a squat party on a Sega Megadrive!Music video for the track "Dirty ROM Dance Mix" by "Nullsleep" Jeremiah Johnson. Containing glitch textures by "noteNdo" Jeff Donaldson. Animation… Read more

Spider, Nash Edgerton

As their Vimeo page describes Spider is a "9-minute action-thriller that gives an all-new meaning to old Peugeots, stunning blondes and love-jokes." Do make sure you're not eating when you watch this… Read more
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Heavenly Appeals / David Lisbe

"Heavenly Appeals" is a short film by David Lisbe produced at the Ringling College of Art and Design. Read more

Cymatics - Bringing Matter To Life With Sound

This is surely one of the best introductions to a film "The film you are about to see has no characters, it has no people. It is a film to describe to you, and explain visually the effect of cymatic… Read more

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