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Cymatics - Bringing Matter To Life With Sound

This is surely one of the best introductions to a film "The film you are about to see has no characters, it has no people. It is a film to describe to you, and explain visually the effect of cymatic… Read more

Everything Will Be Okay / Documentary

'Everything Will Be Okay' chronicles a young film makers life journey beginning with the horrifying realization he has 2-5 years left to live. Diagnosed with the terminal illness ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease… Read more

The Rosie Taylor Project - Black and White Films

Video for debut single by The Rosie Taylor Project released on Directed by Read more

Music Video / Battlestar Directed by Sixty40

Directed by Sixty40 this promo for Battlestar was shot stereoscopically the clip uses a flicking technique that was inspired by 2 frame animations of 3D photosWARNING: A LOT OF… Read more

"Yougotmeup" Jamie Lidell Director: Tom Scholefield

Yougotmeup is a rotoscoped animation by Konx-om-Pax. Over a 6 month period all 2770 frames were traced by hand over original footage of Jamie singing.The video's style was inspired by early hand made… Read more

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