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Mirwais and Sednaoui do what they do, again

Y.A.S is the latest incarnation of producer extraordinaire Mirwais. Perhaps best known for his work with Madonna on "Music", Mirwais has been a leading light in avant-garde pop music since the 1990s.

Just as the music aims to place arabic language at the centre of pop music playing on a world stage for the first time, so the video brings us a slice of life in an arabic country far removed from the images and stories we are used to in the west from papers and tv.

It's been 6 years since Sednaoui last directed a music video, and 8 since he worked with Mirwais. Their last collaborations were the dreamlike promos for "Disco Science" and "I Can't Wait." And while this latest is far removed from those, more realist, filmic; it's still every bit a Sednaoui video, taking the viewer somewhere new, somewhere not quite real.

Interesting that both Glazer and Sednoui are back helming music videos after a fair bit of time concentrating on other mediums. The result of the recession squeezing money and creativity from films and commercials?

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