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Forever Rushes 4th November 2009

A celebration of the best short films and animations from this year's Rushes Soho Shorts entries which didn't make it in to the festival.

Flushed / Martin Stirling

Sam a young school boy gets trapped in the girls toilets with a racy cleaner who appears to be making a pass at him.

The Birdwatcher / Ross Phillips

Bird Watcher
A Lone Birdwatcher witnesses a bizzare series of events through the lenses of his binoculars.

Precious / Kerinne Jenkins

In a dystopian future two desperate men  meet in an underground tunnel where an exchange takes a turn for the worse.

Coppers / Simon O'Neill

Maverick Cop (Gordon 'Fents' Fenterman )tries his hand at the delicate art of negotiation.

The Towel / Oliver Briginshaw

The Towel
A comedy about a man, who while preparing for dinner accidentally stains a hotel towel - fearing the cleaner will get the wrong idea, he goes about trying to hide it.

Stinks / Qian Qian Liu

A short and fun animation that shows one man's search for the source of a smell. Will he ever find it and to wehat lengths will he go to remove it?

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