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Everything Will Be Okay / Documentary

'Everything Will Be Okay' chronicles a young film makers life journey beginning with the horrifying realization he has 2-5 years left to live. Diagnosed with the terminal illness ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease… Read more

ART & COPY - Trailer

Directed by Doug Pray & selected for the 2009 Sundance festival. "Art & Copy takes us inside a powerful, yet surprisingly unknown, industry to reveal the most influential creative forces tapping… Read more

Documentary: The Dhamma Brothers / Director: Jenny Phillips, Anne Marie Stein, Andrew Kukura

Documentary about prison inmates who have been sentenced to life without parole, which means these hardcore criminals will be there for life!, and how they took up an Indian meditation practice called… Read more

Noam Chomsky Documentary

A documentary about Noam Chomsky, one of the most important social and political critics of our time. Read more

Building a people-powered movie distributor and financier with Robert Greenwald

If you can't raise finance for your feature, and cinema chains don't want to touch your film, what can you do? Until recently that could have meant the end of the project, but the web offers some interesting… Read more

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